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Get Digital with Torq.

Products that exceed expectations.

Unlock your team’s potential to design, develop, implement and scale a product that actually creates value for your customers. Our consultants are experts in understanding your customers needs so you can build and deliver products you can be proud of.

Beautiful Products. Delivered to Perfection.

Agile/SAFe Process Improvement

Take your agile practices to the next level

Product Development & Delivery

Design, build, test and deliver products that wow your customers

Product Scaling & Sustainment

Ensure you achieve your target ROI by scaling your product to new markets with peak adoption

Agile/SAFe Process Improvement

With extensive experience with Agile methodologies and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), the Torq team can help you take your Agile practices to the next level. We will work with you to implement processes to take your organizational efficiency to new highs.


•   Agile/SAFe Process Improvement
•   Agile methodology adherence
•   Ceremony facilitation (Scrum Master / Release Train 
•   Agile/SAFe Coaching

Empower your team to deliver flawless products with Torq. Whether you need a Product Owner, product validator, or release manager, our consultants work with your team and customers to create a beautiful design, who then work with the development team to build to perfection and deliver the product incrementally. Provide value fast and delight your customers with your Torq-enabled team!


•   Epic/feature/story definition

•   Prioritize/groom product backlog

•   Sprint Planning

•   Dev team collaboration/ management

•   Product validation

•   Release management

•   KPI measurement and reporting

Market, sell, implement, and sustain your team’s new product to ensure optimal adoption and customer satisfaction. Torq consultants use our experience to help you close the deal with new customers, implement their ideal configuration, collect feedback and analyze data to ensure peak satisfaction.


•   Sales enablement

•   Product configuration and implementation

•   Production support

•   Product feedback & sustainment

Product Development and Delivery
Product Scaling and Sustainment
Agile Graphic v2.png
Inspect&  Adapt
Discovery / Requirements Gathering
Product Scaling & Sustainment

Ready to take your product management to the next level?

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