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Top Talent Made Accessible

What does this mean and how are we any different than the other firms out there?

The Torq Advantage

At Torq, our mission is to provide top consulting talent at a much better price, allowing you to do MORE with LESS.


But how do we do it? It's simple — by staying laser-focused on execution & cutting out the unnecessary activities that traditional consulting firms charge, we can invest more towards the top talent that supports YOU.

The result: Extraordinary consulting solutions for your organization at a price you can be happy about.

Bill Rate per Consultant

Torq Billing Graphic.png


Invest More in Talent

Other Firms Billing Graphic.png


Back Office


Corporate Hierarchy Cost

Partner Cost





30 - 40 %

Lower Bill


The Landscape for Outsourced Talent

We applaud consulting firms and staffing agencies — both offer services that fill key needs in their respective markets. Consulting firms are built to help craft strategy for organizations. And staffing agencies exist to provide short-term resources for simple, temporary roles.

However, that leaves an unaddressed market. There is a gray area between strategy and staff augmentation — where coordinated execution and top talent are required, but big consulting firms charge you for additions you'll never use.

The Outsourced Talent Dilemma


Consulting Firms
  • High cost services are structured to support strategic efforts, not multi-year projects

  • Top talent tends to leave due to slow career trajectory and bureaucratic environment

  • Operate in parallel to your organization, not integrated

Freelance Workforce
  • Ability to attract top talent is very limited

  • Talent is not vetted to ensure top performance and culture fit

  • Resources are not managed or coached, so you're required to

Where Torq Bridges the Gap...

The Talent Advantage
Accelerated Path to Director
Real, Tangible Impact
A Startup Atmosphere
The Client Advantage
Torq Logo - Blue.png
A Price Your Company Will Love
Vetted and Tailored Talent
Managed, Trained, Aligned
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