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Transform Your Organization with Torq.

Translate your vision into reality.

Execute flawlessly with Torq. Our team of project managers are well-trained, mentored, battle-tested, and offer solutions to push projects towards completion no matter the challenge.

Flawless Execution. Excellent Results. 

Initiative Strategy and Mobilization

Jumpstart strategic initiatives with Torq. Our consultants build the necessary strategy, infrastructure and governance to ensure the leaders and teams are completely aligned with the initiative objectives to ensure effective execution.  

Program Management

Program management is an art and a science. Torq specializes in the deployment of the hard and soft skills necessary to deliver large and complex programs. Choosing program management with Torq means you work with consultants who have been there and done that. Whether we need to run a program status meeting with a technical team or create and present to an executive steering committee, our consultants have what it takes to optimally manage your most complex program.

Project Management

Good project management talent is hard to find. At Torq, we hire the best. Our team does not consist of notetakers, rather we focus on connecting the dots across the project, understanding core principles and objectives, and offering the best solutions to keep the project moving forward. Torq project managers don’t tell you that risks simply exist, they take it a step further and understand the root cause, explain why the risks exists, and offer alternative options to mitigate.

The Torq Advantage

Risk Management Experts
Facilitation and Communication

Our consultants are PowerPoint Gurus who create visuals that awe and captivate any audience and — most importantly — convey complex messages in a simple manner. 

We take a proactive approach to risk management by anticipating risks and creating mitigations plans that keep the project moving forward.

Getting through a Torq interview is not easy. Our consultants are well read and expected to stay in touch with the latest technology, Project Management principles, and industry news. These skills allow us to onboard quickly and drive the project forward

Our consultants bring a presence and can facilitate any meeting whether it’s a daily scrum or executive steering committee. They are polished, professional, clear and succinct. Regardless of audience or setting, Torq Consultants tailor the message to achieve the intended outcome.

Ready to take your strategy
to the next level?

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